Khao Lak Wedding

Khaolak Wedding

I believe you have chosen a fantastic location for your wedding. Khao Lak has several stunning wedding locations and I frequently DJ on all the great venues. If it happen to be that you still haven’t picked a resort I’m happy to help with any questions or suggestion on that part as well.

Most often when I DJ at a wedding the evening consists of cocktail, dinner and a party set. The variations are endless and I am open to any plans you. My music experience are extensive and together we will make up a plan that will make all parts of the evening perfect.

Before I plan the music for your evening its important to have a chat to get a feeling what you want. Depending on how much you already planned I will just follow your instructions or I can take care of all the planning. I can also present several popular ideas that you can select from to give me an idea what you like.

The DJ equipment I use is always state of the art digital & portable which does not require a huge space but still has the best performance possible and a brilliant and loud output sound.

I am fluent in English as well as Thai and Swedish.
Contact me right away and let you know about your plans.

Dinner Music

For a wedding dinner its good with some laid back kind of music. Depending on what you like I play alternative pop/rock songs not mellow yet easy listening, beautiful love songs, classy piano lounge music, asian lounge, jazz or maybe you want a more hip chill-out feeling or even more of a party beat?
A wedding is never the same as another and people prefer different kinds of music that’s why some dialogue is important.

Party Music

For the wedding party I am ready to play anything ranging from the latest hits, Club music and old RnB to Rock’n Roll classics, Rock hits, Reggae, Motown, Disco, and other music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the list goes on. I also have a huge library with music in genres as House music, Trance, Techno, Latin, Jazz, Azid Jazz, Funk, Dub Step, Drum’n Bass, Ambient, Folk, Classic, Country and Ballads.
Depending on what you want I can always be ready to take request as well.

Here you can listen to a few different styles of Music Samples